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Chamber Foundation of Effingham County – 2019 Community Scholarship Program

The Chamber Foundation of Effingham County Community Scholarship Program is one of the most beneficial programs offered exclusively for our members, their employees and their families.  Since 1996, this program has awarded $186,000 to 149 area residents.

Scholarships of $1000 will be presented to both high school seniors and adults seeking a college education.  The scholarship will be used to finance tuition, books, and fees for the recipients.

The qualifying criteria and requirements are listed on the scholarship applications. Download high school application.  Download adult application. We strongly encourage members to make copies of the applications and inform their employees about this opportunity.

The Chamber Foundation of Effingham County Community Scholarship Program would not be possible without the support of our Chamber members who contribute through the Scholarship Sponsor Program. Sponsorships are still being accepted. If you would like to donate to the Scholarship Program, please download the form and enclose with your payment. For further assistance, please contact the Chamber office at 217.342.4147.

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity!  Any member who donates $1,000 to the scholarship program will have a scholarship awarded in the member’s name and presented by the sponsoring business at our annual recognition luncheon.

Thank you to the 2019 Exclusive Scholarship Sponsors:


Scholarship recipients and sponsors will be recognized at the June 7 First Friday Luncheon.

Scholarship Directory

Scholarship Recipients

  • 2018
    Nicholas Dust (Adult)
    Christopher Jones (Adult)
    Vivian Kaldas (Adult)
    Abbey Meinhart (Adult)
    Bailey Pals (Adult)
    Claire Niebrugge (Adult)
    Chanel Pals (Adult)
    Madalyn Tegeler (H.S. Senior)
    Jeffery Stoldt (H.S. Senior)
    Lauren Hemmen (H.S. Senior)
    Saidee Bushur (H.S. Senior)
    Lee Hardiek (H.S. Senior)
  • 2017
    Sasha Althoff (Adult)
    Ellie Buening (Adult)
    Kaitlin Cordes (Adult)
    Morgan Deters (Adult)
    Reed Hardiek (Adult)
    Claire Niebrugge (Adult)
    Natalie Summers (Adult)
    Abigail Barr (H.S. Senior)
    Drew Gibson (H.S. Senior)
    Harrison Smith (H.S. Senior)
  • 2016
    Kaitlin Cordes (Adult)
    Dillon Hardiek (Adult)
    Carolyn Horin (Adult)
    Beth Schumacher (Adult)
    Parker Anderson (H.S. Senior)
    Megan Meyers (H.S. Senior)
    Mindy Myers (H.S. Senior)
    Claire Niebrugge (H.S. Senior)
    Hunter Niebrugge (H.S. Senior)
  • 2015
    Kaitlin Cordes (Adult)
    Shelby Flach (Adult)
    Dillon Hardiek (Adult)
    Alex Kastl (Adult)
    Talia Moore (Adult)
    Bailey Pals (Adult)
    Justin Goeckner (H.S. Senior)
    Connor Greene (H.S. Senior)
    Megan Nuxoll (H.S. Senior)
    Madison Woelfer (H.S. Senior)
  • 2014
    Dillon Hardiek (Adult)
    Shelby Kroeger (Adult)
    Emily McMahon (Adult)
    Bailey Pals (Adult)
    Donna Pierson (Adult)
    April Wenthe (Adult)
    Kyle Brumleve (H.S. Senior)
    Katelyn Esker (H.S. Senior)
    Ashley Hemmen (H.S. Senior)
    Luke Jansen (H.S. Senior)
    Kelsae Owens (H.S. Senior)
  • 2013
    Joseph Garland (Adult)
    Nicole Haarmann (Adult)
    Monica Lin (Adult)
    Abbie Massengill (Adult)
    Zachary Pruemer (Adult)
    Luke Armstrong (H.S. Senior)
    Michael Goldstein (H.S. Senior)
    Leah Kremer (H.S. Senior)
    Christopher Lidy (H.S.Senior)
    Emily Weichman (H.S. Senior)
  • 2012
    Kristin Heiden (Adult)
    Emily Ruholl (Adult)
    Jill Sandschafer (Adult)
    Jordan Weis (Adult)
    April Wenthe (Adult)
    Kathryn Bishop (H.S. Senior)
    Zachary Bradshaw (H.S. Senior)
    Anna Habing (H.S. Senior)
    Keri Utz (H.S. Senior)
  • 2011
    Matthew Altman (Adult)
    Jenna Heiden (Adult)
    Nicole Pals (Adultl)
    Bradley Reedy (Adult)
    Lindsey Storm (Adult)
    Logan Arney (H.S. Senior)
    Benjamin Harder (H.S. Senior)
    Meghan Scott (H.S. Senior)
    Leah Stevens (H.S. Senior)
    Alexis Teichmiller (H.S. Senior)
  • 2010
    Beth Poynter (Adult)
    David Thompson (Adult)
    Tracy Walk (Adullt)
    Amanda Hoelscher (H.S. Senior)
    Jennifer Niebrugge (H.S. Senior)
    Brooke Ozenkoski (H.S. Senior)
  • 2009
    Ashton Ballinger (Adult)
    Rosa Dust (Adult)
    Hayley Hartke (Adult)
    Will Armstrong (H.S. Senior)
    Courtney Cook (H.S. Senior)
    Allison Donsbach (H.S. Senior)
  • 2008
    Bobbi Kinkelaar (Adult)
    Christy Klingler (Adult)
    Rachel Stone ( Adult)
    Maria Jansen (H.S. Senior)
    Kelsey Kreke (H.S. Senior)
    Zach Worman (H.S. Senior)
  • 2007
    Margo McMahon (Adult)
    Brian Minor (Adult)
    Jenny Power (Adult)
    Steven Kabbes (H.S. Senior)
    Zachery Meyers (H.S. Senior)
    Jill Vogt (H.S. Senior)
    Julia Wendling (H.S. Senior)
  • 2006
    Kimberly Johnson (Adult)
    Michelle Loy (Adult)
    Jenny Power (Adult)
    Austin Brooks (H.S. Senior)
    Anthony Jansen (H.S. Senior)
    Jeff Wessel (H.S. Senior)
  • 2005
    Mindy Bierman (Adult)
    Sarah Jones (Adult)
    Julia Thurman(Adult)
    Jeremy Rinkle (Adult)
    Laura Beckman (H.S. Senior)
    Anna Meyer (H.S. Senior)
    Jamie Randall (H.S. Senior)
  • 2004
    Tracy Schmid (Adult)
    Connie Mankin (Adult)
    Philip Habing (Adult)
    Melinda Bierman (H.S. Senior)
    Jason Buenker (H.S. Senior)
    Joseph Burton (H.S. Senior)
  • 2003
    Connie Bergfeld (Adult)
    Elizabeth Mulvey (Adult)
    Amber Niemerg (H.S. Senior)
    Jennifer Vahling (H.S. Senior)
    Katie Jo Wendt (H.S. Senior)
  • 2002
    Kristine Zerrusen (Adult)
    Todd Gartner (Adult)
    Rita Altman (Adult)
    Blake Spindler (H.S. Senior)
    Jared Bledsoe (H.S. Senior)
  • 2001
    Melissa Beals (Adult)
    Sandra Hodge (Adult)
    Joan Milleville (Adult)
    Theresa Drees (H.S. Senior)
    Lea Marie Ruholl (H.S. Senior)
    Lindsey Thomas (H.S. Senior)
  • 2000
    Keith Ballinger (Adult)
    Teresa Beltz (Adult)
    Rebecca Himes (H.S. Senior)
    Melissa Niemerg (H.S. Senior)
    Amanda Walk (H.S. Senior)
  • 1999
    MariEtta Augenstein (Adult)
    Troy Durbin (Adult)
    Janeen Esker (Adult)
    Jared Jones (H.S. Senior)
    Laura Vahling (H.S. Senior)
  • 1998
    Joe Emmerich (Adult)
    Kay Pemberton (Adult)
    Kristin Gordon (H.S. Senior)
    Heather Ordner (H.S. Senior)
  • 1997
    Tanya Duncan (Adult)
    Todd Wente (H.S. Senior)
    Angela Bohnhoff (H.S. Senior)
  • 1996
    Cathy Raddatz (Adult)
    Stacy Stuckey (H.S. Senior)