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The official resource to help businesses quickly find compliance information, forms and contacts from multiple U.S. government web sites.

Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
This interesting site provides data on local governments. By selecting a county from the electronic atlas, users can obtain a list of commonly requested information. On the following level, cities selected in the designated county will provide additional information.

  • To Access Effingham County's Retail Trade Profile & Pull Factors, click on InfoAtlas, Retail Trade for Counties and Communities at the bottom of the page and Effingham County on electronic atlas.
  • To Access Effingham County's Age, Housing, Income, Labor, and Population, click on InfoAtlas, Demographics for Counties and Communities at the bottom of the page and Effingham County on electronic atlas.

Illinois Retail Merchants Association

Illinois State Library
Find-It! Illinois, the Illinois State Library's one-stop source for Illinois library, government and educational information.

Internal Revenue Service
Department of the Treasury

Searchable database buyers guide of 600,000 U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and services. Locate manufacturing products, services and suppliers among 10,000 product categories.

Manufacturers' News, Inc.
Since 1912, MNI has been the most trusted source for comprehensive business information profiling over 400,000 U.S. manufacturers. Directories and databases customized by geography, industry and size.

The Consumer Price Index
This is a web site that measures inflation as experienced by consumers in their day-to-day living expenses and is used as an economic indicator. The site also contains an inflation calculator.

The Federal Consumer Information Center

University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs
Public Policy Reports

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

TradeRoots (US Chamber of Commerce)
TradeRoots is the nation's leading sustained grassroots education program dedicated to raising public awareness of international trade on a local level.